Test Product Title


Don’t forget to choose your colors!

Select your colors in the different quantities below – primary, secondary, accent colors, sprinkle and glitter paint! Here’s a Pro Tip on colors – think you need a lot of white? Nope. Any unpainted bisque will come out White and shiny!


This is a test product description.

Primary Project Color

Dark Red (Tuscan Red or Ruby Slippers), Light Red (Candy Apple or Hot Tamale), Light Pink (Pink a Boo or Cheeky Pinky), Dark Pink (Rosey Posey or Pinky Swear), Light Orange (Cant-elope or Jack-o-Lantern), Dark Orange (Orange-a-peel or Orange you Happy), Light Yellow (Yell Bout it or Butter Me Up), Dark Yellow (Dandelion or Sunkissed), Medium Green (Sour Apple or Lettuce Alone), Medium Blue (Blue Yonder), Light Blue (My Blue Heaven or Peri-Twinkle), Dark Green (Just Froggy or Irish Luck), Dark Blue (Bluebeard or Moody Blue), Light Teal (Jaded), Dark Teal (Teal Next Time), Purple (Purple Haze or Grape Jelly), Light Gray (Silver Lining), Dark Gray (Gray Hare)

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